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Do you need someone to take care of your property as you do? Now, even if you lack of time, your property is not going to be ignored and will be maintained in the right way. Professional Grounds Management, a leading Commercial Landscaping Company, is too good at the same. The company holds a long experience of almost two decades for Grounds Maintenance, Tree Services, Commercial Lawn Care, and Seasonal Flower Maintenance up to Fertilization and Pest Control. Also, if you go for irrigation, the company is full of options.


They have successfully installed all kind of irrigation systems in small cities as well as large universities. With a routine installation and monitoring program, your system is regularly checked for its functionality to ensure the maximum performance. For tree services, their certifiedtree care specialists are enough skilled for installation, transplanting, pruning and fertilization etc up to insects and disease control. You can surely try them once for all types of Commercial Landscape Maintenance.


Landscape Maintenance Is Now At Your Door!

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Are you not getting enough time to maintain your landscape look attractive in all ways? Or you are just out of idea of what to do to keep your landscape beautiful, healthy and long lasting? Do you seriously need someone to take care of property just like you do? Well, it’s not that tough, at least for the residents of Florida. Yes, here I am going to describe you about a leading Commercial Landscaping Company , which has successfully placed its name in Commercial Landscape Maintenance market of Florida. The Landscape Maintenance has become a frequent trend these days as people lack the sufficient time to give to properly groom their property. The Professional Grounds Management has a long experience to pass all the your strictest standards of quality, be it Grounds Maintenance, Commercial Lawn Care, Seasonal Flower Maintenance or Fertilization and Pest Control. With its perfect estimating skills, you will get the right amount of manpower to look your landscape charming always. For Grounds Maintenance, it has perfectly skilled professionals to set it right for over one and half decade.

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It knows the right amount of time and manpower to look your landscape just right. For tree services too, the company has got special tree care specialists to take care of your trees properly. These specialists conduct multiple programs including installation, pruning, transplanting, root pruning, stump removal, insect and disease control as well as storm and emergency response amongst the tree services. It’s not over yet, as the company is not empty handed, when it comes to irrigation installation and maintenance. You will get its regular monitoring and maintenance program to make your system work for maximum. In the routine monitoring and maintenance program of the company, the functionality of nozzles, heads and clocks are thoroughly checked. And as we know, first impression is the last impression; the curb appeal of the property is also not ignored. If focuses properly on the landscape design and installation to give your landscape a perfect look. The certified professionals of company are pretty skilled to satisfy you at every level. It keeps your property appealing throughout the year with the seasonal color rotational plan. The beds are too munched for a proper level to fit the beauty and health standards. Additionally, the company is expert at both installation of new landscapes and the renovation of old one too. You are going to get a quality service at every step, even when you go for the Commercial Lawn Care. Their Commercial Lawn Care programs provide you everything needed for your lawn. With the plans fitting your needs, you will be getting most flourishing lawns you can find. An additional aeration and over-seeding program for your lawn with double-core aeration of the lawn and detailed watering and mowing instructions is also available to make your lawn greener and healthier. Also when your lawn goes suitable for lawn diseases like Rhizoctonia and Sclerotinia, with the warm-humid weather approaching closer, the Professional Grounds Management has a special program for these diseases too. So, here you can go for the company for any kind of Landscape Maintenance with no needs of worry.

PGM for Your Best Landscape!

Has the spring come and your landscape is yet to be set? No problem, I am going to help you to get right Landscape Maintenance in time. Professional Grounds Management is a leading Commercial Landscape Maintenance Company, which a suitable program for all your needs. Be it Grounds Maintenance, Tree Services, Commercial Lawn Care or Seasonal Flower Maintenance; Professional Grounds Management has dealt it with much efficiency. For the spring preparation, it cleans of accumulated fall and winter debris. You will get your trees and shrubs correctly and horticultural maintained on proper time. It provides you the most flourishing lawns by fertilization, liming, aeration, lawn repair and weekly mowing.

The beds are too mulched to a particular level maintaining the beauty and health of the lawns. Even the irrigation systems are installed with much perfection and are monitored regularly to ensure the maximum performance of the system. Moreover, an integrated pest management is also done by certified applicators for your best Landscape Maintenance.

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Professional Grounds Management, Inc recognized as a premier commercial landscape services company in St. Petersburg, the city’s leading commercial landscape company AVENUE SOUTH area.If you need tree removal  , Grounds Maintenance service, do not just call ( (727) 328 9686)anyone – contact Professional Grounds Management, Inc. Commercial Landscaping Company  that wants to show superiority, when completing his plans adopted by Pgminfo St. Petersburg,. Requirements are defined by the size of the estate.

Commercial Lawn Care

Whether you manage a business, retail development or commercial Grounds property the look of your site “”is an indicator of your potential customers about the quality of your operation. Pgminfo  Commercial Lawn Care can create, giving your customers the impression you want while lush, green, healthy  grass and shrubs you kept lawn exceptional circumstances for your commercial property.Satisfaction is guaranteed with quality Commercial Lawn Care Program. ReadMore ..

Landscape Maintenance  has provided residential and commercial landscape maintenance to a large group of clients in St. Petersburg, and U.S. Territories. We know that your time is very valuable, so let us help you make your landscape maintenance worry free. Our professional Landscape Maintenance technicians offer the following services mulching, mowing, spring and fall clean ups, lawn applications, mowing, weeding and clearing snow. Call today((727) 328 9686) for your free quote for landscape maintenance program.

Complete Landscaping Care

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Many business owners fail to consider how important it is to keep their land in good condition. If you are a business owner, you should know that a good landscape appearance can help you attract customers to your business. You do not have to worry about taking this chore yourself, because pgminfo Commercial Landscaping Company  is here to help.

Call'(727) 328 9686′ pgminfo Commercial Landscaping Company for a free estimate, so we can help you develop the curb appeal you need to attract customers and keep them coming back. By doing so, you will be on your way to increasing sales and improving your reputation in the community. This may mean that our landscaping services would pay for themselves due to the increased amount of customer traffic you are likely to see.

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Landscape Maintenance

In the daily battle with climate control, leaky plumbing, demanding tenants, parking shortages, visiting dignitaries, and budget crunches, we understand that sometimes the landscape is the last detail you want to worry about. While we may not be able to solve all your property management headaches, we can maintain your landscape as quiet as possible. And our culture of continuous improvement ensures that we are doing better every day.

Professional Grounds Management is the eyes and ears in place, not only the performance specifications of our Landscape Maintenance  contract, but alerting you to potential site issues before they become problems, monitoring the long-term health of your landscape, and suggesting budget-conscious ways to increase your investment property.

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Commercial Landscape Maintenance


On Professional Grounds Management  we specialize in commercial, residential and industrial landscape. All employees at the Commercial Grounds Maintenance is trained in landscape design, maintenance, lawn installation, retaining wall construction, deck and patio design, water feature installation, construction and more. Let’s keep your commercial, residential, or industrial property and you will get the best service and quality for your money in the Pacific Northwest. Studies have proven that professional landscape and lawn care service often increases property values ​​by 15% or more. Trust Professional Grounds Management your property to keep looking their very best while gaining unparalleled value!

With over 20 years of experience, Professional Grounds Management  is dedicated to providing the best service for creating and maintaining beautiful lawns, grounds, and landscapes. Our team of professionals includes landscape architects, designers, and engineers. Some of our specialties include:

Landscape design and construction.
Residential and Commercial Landscape Maintenance.
Lawn installation.
Seeding, Sodding, Hydroseeding, Reseeding.


Worry free landscape maintenance for your property is just a phone call away.Contact us today at (727) 328 9686! or E-mail to: .

Landscape Maintenance

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Welcome to Pgminfo Landscape and Maintenance and Welcome to a new higher level of Landscape Service!Our company has provided outstanding Commercial Landscape Maintenance Services and residential Landscape installations in the St. Petersburg area.Our specialty is in the area of die Commercial Landscape Maintenance  Services. Our regular customers particularly appreciate what we are easily accessible and committed to a quick response only need of Concern.

Thank you for visiting our website. Please browse through each page of services and let us know how we can best meet your needs. We will be happy to help you in any way possible.You can reach us at (727) 328 9686 .  You can also contact us at our e-mail address: .If you are not familiar with our company and your first contact with us is online, we will be happy to hear from you! Please share with us any questions or thoughts you may have.